Happy Hour with Dennis and Erik

A candid and open weekly discussion between Dennis and Erik over drinks

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Ep. 28 - What is your Clown King doing now?

The hosts saw some movies, discuss pig latin, how annoyed bats are with each other, the New Orleans live music scene, the ouvre of Mike Judge, and how awesome Phoebe Waller-Bridge is.

Ep. 27 - Cowboy Caught The Same Fish Twice

Dennis went fly fishing with his brothers and friends, and Erik went to France, and now appreciates scotch whisky, and French airport security.

Ep. 26 - What do you want to be plumb with?

Dennis can't get anything perfect, Erik went to the beach and saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Tarantino's latest Oscar-bound flick.

Ep. 25 - The Defenestrated Fire Engine

Erik doesn't like missing mind-reading spiders, Dennis has a bleachy bathroom, Mr. Wizard is a dick, Dennis did experiments with frogs and snakes as a kid, Erik reveals where he met his wife, how his son defenestrated a fire engine, and Dennis discusses how he was almost murdered.

Ep. 24 - Shoeing a Bald Nun

Dennis assaulted a nun with a wingtip in high school, autodefenestration, Trump fat-shames a supporter, Dennis the Chick meets a gruesome end, follow-up on the death of Erik the Chipmunk, \#MeToo, and the Joker movies.

Ep. 23 - Master of Creative Darkness

Dennis composes a country ballad, the hosts discuss some great 2019 movies, The Irishman, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Dennis is still terrified of bats, as is Erik of mosquitos and spiders, and quicksand is the worst!

Ep. 22 - Purple Chipmunk Proboscis

Dennis has bats, tells a gruesome story of a chipmunk's purple death, Erik likes a good scurry in the morning, and they talk about movies with Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, and the directorial genius of Wes Anderson and David Fincher.

Ep. 21 - Quixotic Amber Camel

The hosts talk about singing with perfect pitch, stumble into misremembering some classic artists, tilt at the pronunciation of Don Quixote, discuss how language evolves and the similarities between Deadwood and Dawson's Creek.

Ep. 20 - We're Big in Uruguay

The hosts talk about ant karma, Bohemian Rhapsody, Abbey Road, the video for Penny Lane, what a dick Trump is, how scary DeepFake videos are, and our huge success in Uruguay.

Ep. 19 - My Spooky Little Skull

The hosts talk about hairy nipples, flying ants, the TV show, Barry, Dennis confesses to Frank Sinatra Jr.'s kidnapping and builds a door, discovering Lizzo, and Irish pubs and craic.

Ep. 18 - Irish Warrior Whispers

The hosts review the unsettling cinematic masterpiece, Biutiful, Erik discusses his deepest fears and why his family abandoned him, and Dennis reveals the true story of his past lives.

Ep. 17 - Pesto Chango!

Erik hopped back over the pond, albeit with delays, both hosts are big fans of Javier Bardem and Michael Douglas, and the Mueller Testimony felt like Idiocracy.

Ep. 16 - 10 Quintillion White Horned Devils

Dennis has termites and bad customer service at Lowe's, Erik threw his kids out of a tree and probably killed a beautiful bluebird, a plan for solving World Hunger is hatched, Erik is livid about a McDonalds ad, and hilarious statues of the Trumps.

Ep. 15 - Maximus Maverick Bovinus

Erik's cat brought him a snake, Dennis is getting stucco work done, Erik doesn't run with the bulls, but was born semi-bovine, the history of England is discussed, and go US Women's Soccer Team!

Ep. 14 - I wanna spit on you and eat your face

Dennis gets bad customer service, both buying beer and paint, money-making schemes involving inflatable house flies, a review of Big Little Lies, when Forrest Gump met Nixon, and the phenomenon of Bad Lip Reading.

Ep. 13 - Can you ship a sedated wolverine?

Both hosts play golf, only one with a frog, shipping live animals is considered, Dennis made some special-sand concrete, Erik's wife dissected a mole, and do zombies poop?

Ep. 12 - The Most Appealing Part of Your Impediment

Guest appearance by mutual friend, Dr. Pud, Dennis played golf (and well!), Erik's daughter took First Communion, JFK was inspiring, the Wild West was wild, and Erik's washing machine broke

Ep. 11 - Work the Body, Grow the Mind

Dennis was a naughty Catholic schoolboy, Monkeys are polytheists, Homework sucks, Jimmy Carter and bowler hats were awesome, and we should all play children's games

Ep. 10 - Blessed with the oil of a thousand Popes

Dennis moved houses, Erik watched The Karate Kid with his kids, Dennis lost his phone, Erik got passports for his family, and Trump is still a fool.

Ep. 9 - Enough With The Monkey Stories!

Erik doesn't know how to book a vacation, Trump cheats at golf, Dennis went to a convict rodeo, and Erik played golf on the beach.

Ep. 8 - Hokey, Pokey, Spooky

Erik goes to a Basque cider house, Dennis' brother had a farm – ee i ee i o, international animal sounds, and what it's really all about, the hokey pokey, but then things devolve into making percussive sounds with their bodies.

Ep. 7 - Harvesting French monkey tears

Erik goes to Disneyland Paris, selling children's tears is the Next Big Thing™, French bathrooms are weird, as are black holes.

Ep. 6 - A hundred percent salmon all of the way

Our hosts contemplate the meaningless of our existence, space travel cognitive shifts, festivals in New Orleans, what it means to be rich, Game of Thrones, and gangly monkeys.

Ep. 5 - I am Lamp Man

Dennis plays live music in New Orleans in this Halloween-themed podcast in April discussing mermaids and the New Orleans night life.

Ep. 4 - The days are long and the years are short

On this musical episode, our hosts discuss Sex Ed, anal robots, twin studies, parenting time, NCAA prognostication, and the cure for the common cold.

Ep. 3 - My job is to get a man on the moon

Erik takes his kids to a Warner Bros theme park, Erik has a classmate in space, and of course the Beatles and Monty Python enter the discussion.

Ep. 2 - That's not my arm!

Dennis nearly loses a hand, while Erik went to IKEA and watched the Tom Hanks classic "Big".

Ep. 1 - A Room Full of Spider Monkeys

Our hosts discuss religious art, Monty Python, Jesus' comedian twin brother, and mothers-in-law.