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Ep. 225 – Quoit Interesting

The hosts catch up after a three-week break, sharing travel stories including flight cancellations and mishaps from Spain to Charlotte, dealing with bear sightings in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and fun camping experiences in Allegheny. They highlight humorous moments, like unplanned parade participation and tarp setup adventures. The conversation shifts to political news, focusing on Joe Biden's recent debate performance, Trump's antics, and the upcoming election. Additionally, they discuss everyday frustrations like excessive legal terms and new purchases in tech.

Ep. 224 – Yard in the Backyard

The hosts discuss a complex fence-building project, complete with the challenges faced such as dealing with roots and using different tools like two-man augers and a special metal post holder. The conversation delves into the significance of certain dates, the effects of insomnia, and the capacity to remember details from past experiences, notably TV shows like Six Feet Under. There are also humorous reflections on movies like The Sixth Sense and the nature of entertainment. The discussion then transitions into a critique of the modern dependency on technology, particularly smartphones, in schools, and the implications for interpersonal interactions. The episode ends with musical reminisces and plans for a high school reunion performance.

Ep. 223 – Ouzo Booze-O

The hosts discuss how the Green Bay Packers fans co-own the team, Erik went to Greece and had travel woes, had to spend an early morning alone on the streets of Athens, flew home in Business Class, and enjoyed amazing Greek food; Dennis mocked someone ignoring a talk he gave once; Erik had some ouzo and swam in the Aegean Sea, and Dennis lost his good friend, Roger Przybylski.

Ep. 222 – Gland Blocked

The hosts discuss how horrible humidity is, Erik's webcam died, Dennis' band is getting a new guitar player, band naming is difficult, great AI art for Leopold & Co's website, Dennis is interested in having a website, Jethro Tull, talking African drums, old Italian friend couldn't talk without moving his hands, bar hopping pranks, including beind locked in a car trunk, Clooney and JLo in a trunk, vowel sounds, the 2024 Beetlejuice sequel, Jon Stewart on The Media.

Ep. 221 – A River of Other Numbers

The hosts discuss Trump's 34 convictions and how it will affect the 2024 US Presidential Election, Dennis went for a stay at Victoria Resort, and a horrible experience at a restaurant called The Southerner, including a horrible Bloody Mary, Erik quit his job and enjoyed a going away party, Dennis is overdelivering at his new contract, business expenses and tax breaks of working for one's own company, and Erik got around to the pilot of Mayor of Kingstown.

Ep. 220 – Uncluttered Desk, Uncluttered Mind

The hosts discuss Erik's desk cable management solution, Dennis's old oak office suite, revisit Erik's steak meal in London, all-you-can-eat shrimp Dennis ate, Butker's commencement speech, POTUS debate could be a Zoom call, Trump's ground game and plan for first day of executive orders, Dennis rewatched A Star Is Born, the finale of A Gentleman in Moscow, Dennis weighed down his tent garage with stones, and the details of the Trump hush money trial.

Ep. 219 – Cerebral Pragmatic Opportunity

The hosts discuss food Erik had in London, the full English breakfast, Dennis loves to take notes, A Gentleman in Moscow, episodes 6 and 7, Dennis lost his father-in-law and Sopranos viewing companion, the death bed experience, catchy t-shirt slogans, Dennis couldn't stay awake to see the Northern Lights, upcoming Biden-Trump debate, and Erik accidentally met a Nashville rock star, Leilani Kilgore, in London.

Ep. 218 – Satin Jammy Jammies

The hosts discuss the ongoing Trump hush money trial, Biden celebrates Cinco de Mayo, Erik is in London, Kristi Noem ruins VP bid by publishing a book about murdering her puppy, West Virginian redneck miners, Dennis got a white collar job, and the artistry of A Gentleman in Moscow.

Ep. 217 – A Snagged Fly Is Worth A Try

The hosts discuss how Erik sprained both his thumbs, Dennis's toe is better, a fun fishing anecdote, an update on Trump's legal woes, Laura Trump openly acknowledging the plan for Fascism, the whistled song from The Bridge Over The River Kwai, Buttigieg and Cruz battle over airline regulations, a review of A Gentleman In Moscow, the potential arrest of Netanyahu, and fraud by the Spanish First Lady.

Ep. 216 – Kissed the Cheek of Cod

The hosts discuss an attempt to grow pumpkins, Dennis is reading The Power of the Dog, Erik had a nice Spanish meal, Dennis made some cod cheeks once, Erik recommends ordering fish in restaurants, Dennis shares his walleye recipe, Erik went to a Japanese restaurant with subpar wasabi, the Trump hush money trial, Caitlin Clark goes pro, Dennis rebuilt the corner of a building with liquid nails.

Ep. 215 – Take The Win

The hosts discuss Iran's missile attack on Israel, Spring sprang in Michigan, Erik reveals he's not monogamous with Dennis, Erik's parents are a "disturbulence", Erik hosts an exchange student from French Guiana, South America is east of North America, Steve Buscemi's career, and a cover of Who'll Stop The Rain.

Ep. 214 – Ham-Toed

The hosts discuss Dennis' brother, Joe's, birthday, the 2024 solar eclipse, termites eat vertically, how to rip a phone book, The Masters, Dennis' toe is better, Erik's daughter had an allergy test, Dennis is going on an overnight fishing trip, COVID-19 reduced trout count, the fifth anniversary of the podcast, news from the Supreme Court of Arizona, Trump is looking for a fair trial, the morals of the Israel-Gaza war, The Masters dinner photo, the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ep. 213 – Acorn Pig Farm

The hosts discuss the value of watching the news, creative things to do with boogers, using a frozen turd as a knife, The Regime is unwatchable, but A Gentleman in Moscow is good, Shōgun might be good, Dennis got scammed, went fishing, explains about changing flies, the Basque menu at The Masters, NC State is in the Final Four, Erik went to a cookout at a cheese shop, his daughter is in England for a week, and Erik had bean soup for Easter.

Ep. 212 – Shananigans Malarky Extraordinaire

The hosts discuss Dennis' ingrown toenail surgery, had a bowl of chowder, Erik's daughter turned 15, won a taekwondo competition, Joseph Bathanti named to NC Literary Hall of Fame, disaster in Baltimore and Moscow, Trump escapes fines, Biden is ancient, but performing well, and Trump is a charismatic savant.

Ep. 211 – The Dominatrix of Prague

The hosts discuss Erik went to Prague and had an interesting dinner experience involving belly dancers, sword fights, and fire stunts, Dennis caught a colorful trout, US politics, a manscaping commercial, Erik did an escape room, Dennis' granddaughter turns 7, and a cover of Up on Cripple Creek.

Ep. 210 – The Magic Cheeseburger Scenario

The hosts discuss Dennis caught a huge steelhead trout, Erik's flight to Prague got canceled, Super Tuesday, Biden doesn't fill anyone with enthusiasm, a magic cheeseburger could kill both nominees, the JFK assassination, a guy replaced the radiator in a 1936 Cadillac, Dennis went to jail, and Dennis's hitchhiking history, and John The Conqueror Root.

Ep. 209 – Foul Hooked

The hosts discuss Dennis caught a shaker, almost died when fishing in Alaska, and again almost died while having a spiritual ceremony where his parents died, felt the exact spot where his father died, one amazing day of fishing hundreds of salmon, again almost died throwing chum to sharks, his piano man plays boogie woogie, Erik got six splinters removed from his hand, burned off his fingerprint, a dead Russian helicopter pilot found in Spain, Ukraine is losing territory, Congress fails on immigration policy, the Michigan primary, and a cover of Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind".

Ep. 208 – Where's My Trout?

The hosts discuss Dennis went fishing and fell in the river, they design a fishing board game, Erik went for a 20km walk up the mountain with his kids, Erik's going to Greece, conference talk strategies, Dennis is preparing a Mexican dual birthday party, Trump's legal woes, the upcoming South Carolina Primary, Jon Stewart's return to The Daily Show, and the finale of True Detective, Season 4.

Ep. 207 – Rules Change and No One Knows It

The hosts discuss the results of Super Bowl LVIII, Erik watched Bird Box Barcelona, is enjoying Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Prime Video, the plot of True Detective S04E05, The Lighthouse (2019), why is draft beer better than bottled beer, and Dennis does a cover of Bruce Springsteen.

Ep. 206 – Picking Up Rose Petals

The hosts discuss Erik bought some umbrellas, Trump's Supreme Court petition, Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl, Christopher Walken Super Bowl ad and his skit on SNL, Celery Flats as a band name, The Sopranos first few episodes, True Detective S04E04, was it the polar bear?, and a performance of "Peaches" by Dennis.

Ep. 205 – Older Than Ice

The hosts discuss the Detroit Lions not going to the Superbowl, Kansas City Chiefs are from Missouri, True Detective S04E03, Dennis is starting The Sopranos, and is starting a band: Slow River Rising.

Ep. 204 – Shitbowl

The hosts discuss The Detroit Lions' win, Trump won in New Hampshire, but was still angry, because of Nikki Haley's close margin, convictions are coming, True Detective S04E02, and Dennis is playing with a local band.

Ep. 203 – Delicious Malicious Militias

The hosts discuss the Detroit Lions playoff victory, Trump wins Iowa Caucus with 51%, Chris Christie drops out of the race, Trump lawsuits, 5 out of 6 stars for True Detective S04E01, MAGA will become Hamas, Kieran Culkin won an Emmy, Primal Fear, and the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

Ep. 202 – Yellow Squash Chicken Livers

The hosts discuss turkey balls, Erik went to Lanzarote, Dennis is playing regularly with a local band, Erik didn't sleep the night before, Mayor of Kingstown, True Detective is coming back, Fargo Season 4, the 2024 Presidential Election, and the Israel-Hamas war, again.

Ep. 201 – I Smelled God In The Wind

The hosts discuss Dennis had trouble picking up his granddaughter from school, ER vs. Grey's Anatomy, Erik took daughter to the hospital, the Immaculate Conception doctrine, Erik visited a cheesemonger, cooked some recipes with nettles, Tommy DeVito, Dennis was in a play where he had to burp, Erik's cure for the hiccups, and Dennis went to the ER (again).

Ep. 200 – Egg Induced Slumber

The hosts discuss Dennis turns 70, Erik is allergic to mites, Dennis is now allergic to eggs and green peppers, the three branches of the US government, the upcoming US Presidential election, and comparing Isreal-Hamas to WW2.

Ep. 199 – Thumb Holes

The hosts discuss colonoscopies, the Penn State v. Michigan tailgate chanting, Dennis' fishing shirt with special sleeves, Erik takes his kids to martial arts competitions, is restarting dance classes, football players are amazing athletes, the Israel-Hamas war, and the US presidential race.

Ep. 198 – You Can't Kill An Idea

The hosts discuss November 2023 election results, the Israel–Hamas war, does Justice exist?, and the third Republican Presidential Debate.

Ep. 197 – There are more people dead than who are in love

The hosts discuss Erik saw Blondie in concert in Denmark, saw some synchronized swimmers, and got COVID (again), Station Eleven miniseries, the freezing of the Great Lakes, Erik met a listener, Dennis went fishing and saw a blues band, and they pay tribute to their friend Mike Masterson, including Dennis dressing up as a marijuana plant for Halloween, and Mike playing drums of fire. RIP, Big Mike.

Ep. 196 – What is the Meaning of Genius?

The hosts discuss how Dennis went to FarmAid and overpaid for beer, a surprise appearance by Bob Dylan, Erik went to Croatia and partied hard, Erik is recording from a hotel in Alicante, Spain with a discotheque down by the pool providing background noise, Dennis is going on his annual fishing trip, Erik misordered too much seafood, and the Cormac McCarthy Corner, Dennis is going to see Kait Rose and the Thorns, and, surprise, Trump is a fraud.

Ep. 195 – Diction Without Parallel

The hosts discuss a new video version of the podcast, Dennis reads some more Cormac McCarthy, Erik saw some kids jumping over bulls, his kid can solve a Rubik's Cube, Dennis has a mussels and pasta hack, capers are the seeds of the nasturtium flower, Detroit Lions beat the Super Bowl champs, Aaron Rodgers' career ending injury, Erik's daughter solved the trolley problem, Dennis got fired as a volunteer, and Erik is headed to Croatia.

Ep. 194 – An Occurrence of Some Regard

The hosts discuss Dennis's Labor Day cookout, lost bocce ball, Dennis has been reading Cormac McCarthy, Erik did a Book Club at work, Dennis read some Western short stories, Dennis briefly went fishing, Erik ate a disgusting almond, how almond trees are a metaphor for families, Erik went to the beach, the Mandela Effect, Outliers, UFOs in Congress, Trump's co-defendants, kids don't understand The Office (US), Erik's favorite film, Office Space, Dennis going to see Dirty Boots, and has a killer app idea for managing local events.

Ep. 193 – Stem to Stern

The hosts discuss the first GOP debate, The Mugshot, Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks is amazing (except in Elvis), Matt Damon was overweight in Air, Erik doesn't love Forrest Gump, Dennis had some toenails removed, and Erik removed a childhood friend's fingernail once.

Ep. 192 – Impromptu Feed For Nine

The hosts discuss how Dennis has been partying with his brother, Erik spent a fortnight in southern Spain doing nothing, except for a day trip to Portugal, including a night that was hard to breathe, Dennis played a charity event, Erik saw a flotilla of UFOs, predictions on the first GOP debate, and Erik watched Nope.

Ep. 191 – Preying on Compassion and Fear

The hosts discuss Erik's return to Spain, including an 8 hour layover in Munich, A Study In Observation Skills In Youth, our friend Mike, Erik predicts Trump will be president again, the Nothing Compares documentary about Sinéad O'Connor, and Erik loved the Barbie movie.

Ep. 190 – An Oak Shall Spring Forth Maples

The hosts discuss how Dennis emceed a food truck festival, our t-shirts sold out, Dennis bought a new harp mic, finished his sandbox, and wants to trick his grandkids into doing chores, whether can animals hold copyright, how trees end up growing in a straight line, does unsmelt shit stink?, how the wolves have affected Yellowstone, we're sponsored by Airbnbeaver, Erik saw Oppenheimer, Indiana Jones, and Mission Impossible, and is going to see Barbie, and it's important to keep your drains clear.

Ep. 189 – Chicken As A Segue

The hosts discuss Erik's trip to Mackinac Island, including food, driving a horse carriage in a huge storm, riding horses, Dennis rode a cowpony, back in North Carolina, Erik paddling down a river and swimming in a lake, won a four-man golf tournament amongst friends, Dennis played some music with locals and is building a sandbox, Trump soon to be indicted again, and the rise of the No Labels party. and Dennis is going to Farm Aid.

Ep. 188 – Droopy Unleashed

The hosts discuss smoke in the midwest, the benefits of COVID-19, the 2007 movie, There Will Be Blood, Paul Dano movies, the Bechdel Test, video about the final scenes of Barry, alopecia, Erik's going to Mackinac Island, Erik got a new belt and saw Avatar: The Way of Water, and Dennis enjoys From the Earth to the Moon, a 1998 miniseries by Tom Hanks.

Ep. 187 – The Smell of Reason in the Morning

The hosts discuss Dennis's wife had knee surgery, Erik has seen Black Mirror S06, how Netflix tracks you, the Attention Economy, the sunk submarine to the Titanic, the Balloon Boy hoax, Hunter Biden pleads guilty, Dennis mowed his lawn, war movies are interesting, the high school teachers aren't showing up anymore, Erik had some loquats, the summer solstice, Ted Lasso ended.

Ep. 186 – Scent Has Mass

The hosts discuss how Robin Williams wasn't allowed to participate in Church Lady, the pros and cons of tattoos, smells have mass, the federal indictment of Trump, RIP Silvio Berlusconi, Dennis planted some trees, RIP Cormac McCarthy, and Erik did his Spanish taxes.

Ep. 185 – Onomatopoetic Tools: A Glossary

The hosts discuss Dennis's deck scope creep, a t-shirt design for "scope creep", onomatopoetic tools, the series finale of Barry, hemorrhoid cream for facial wrinkles, drinking on Wednesdays, eating radishes and asparagus from the ground, Dennis saved a nut from his flower bed, and people doing shots at Sugarbowl Bar & Grill.

Ep. 184 – I'll sing for my dinner

The hosts discuss Erik's trip to Miami and the Canary Islands, Cuban fajitas, a bottle of tequila, Dennis rented an entire hotel in Minneapolis, HBO re-branding to Max, and the grand finale of Succession.

Ep. 183 – It's Not That Lemony!

The hosts discuss the music genre called shoegaze, does LatinX rhyme with Kleenex?, Erik had some blood analysis done and donated blood, Dennis saw The Fabelmans, Succession S04E08: America Decides, Erik met with his son's teacher, Barry S04E06: The Wizard, and Dennis has a ponytail.

Ep. 182 – A Dozen Decent Docents

The hosts discuss how Erik went to a royal palace and learned about tapestries, some oinking occurred, Barry S04E05, Tom and Shiv's fight on Succession S04E07, how we distribute all the podcast revenue, Erik had to take his son to the hospital, and Erik watched the pilot of White House Plumbers.

Ep. 181 – Manipulation Under Anesthesia

The hosts discuss why Dennis couldn't podcast last week, the validity of the RICE method, Barry S04E03 and S04E04, and Waco: The Aftermath, Succession S04E05 and S04E06, Succession predictions, Guillermo del Toro was in Barry, and the new HBO show, White House Plumbers.

Ep. 180 – Jean-Claude Swan Dam

The hosts discuss Erik's trip to France, Dennis went fishing (again), saw T-Bone play the blues, saw the most steelhead trout he's ever seen before, episode S04E04 of Succession, Dennis got a take-away can of beer from a bar, and the start of Barry, Season 4.

Ep. 179 – Porcinematic

The hosts discuss a tornado threat, putting sealant in a basement, Dennis has a new granddaughter, Dennis's nickname was Diggy, Arnold, from Green Acres, Dennis was homeless with "Don't Call Me Pig" Arnold, S04E02 of Succession, Trump was indicted this week, Erik got poked by his physiotherapist and doesn't believe in kinesio tape, and funny AI generated faces of Trump supporters.

Ep. 178 – Louisianimal

The hosts discuss Dennis's trip to the Carolinas, the start of the fourth season of Succession, anticipation of Barry, Erik got the flu and watched Fleishman Is In Trouble, Dennis tried to get his brother banned from a bar, the end of Your Honor and The Last of Us, Dennis played a ton of bocci, Erik saw Goodfellas and Cocaine Bear.

Ep. 177 – The Apocalypse and Raking: The Quixotic Relationship Between Leaves and the Human Race

The hosts discuss podcasts as audio legacy, the future definition of streaming, Tab Benoit's event got canceled, S01E6 of The Last of Us, Erik heard The Last of Us podcast, Dennis fished in Wyoming once, Erik visited his local famous tree, the apocalypse will cover the streets with leaves, and Your Honor continues to be mediocre.

Ep. 176 – Take the Cannoli

The hosts discuss S02E05 of Your Honor, Henry in S01E05 of The Last of Us, the drumming drama Whiplash, a shooting at Michigan State University, Ze Frank's True Facts YouTube channel, the traveling salesman problem, and slime molds.

Ep. 175 – I Love A Good Conversion

The hosts discuss how the Chinese spy balloon is like YouTube glitter bombs, Joe Biden's State of the Union, Melancholia was fascinating, but lacking in scientific rigor, the logistics and consent of sex in a sand bunker, and The Last of Us, through S01E04.

Ep. 174 – Whizzes and Clicks

The hosts discuss Melancholia, Erik's work trip to London, met his teammates, an Italian Australian, some internet friends, had some curry and visited some speakeasies, Dennis got a floor job, Erik generated some AI images, upcoming seasons of Succession and True Detective.

Ep. 173 – Clam the Hammer Down

The hosts discuss how Dennis built a desk for a friend, Erik built a loft structure for his dorm room for freshman year of college, Michigan's bearded lady, the second episode of Your Honor, Chris Farley loved John Belushi, Dennis locked eyes with David Crosby, and Erik's headed to London again.

Ep. 172 – Encore Chicken

The hosts discuss the tradition of encores at concerts, Dennis uses encores to order leftover chicken, the first episode of season 2 of Your Honor dropped, how is the best way to die in prison, Dennis saw The Last Of Us, Erik's been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, tried and failed to buy shoes, and got Influenza A from his wife.

Ep. 171 – Use Your Nose Horn

The hosts discuss Erik's Christmas on the Canary Islands, plan a party get together with friends, Erik saw a crane rescue a sunken sailboat, and walked on amazing sand dunes, George and Tammy's vocal coach taught the actors to use their nose, we are all constantly changing, Dennis went fishing in Doc's Hole, not Willow Hole, and got harassed by a local landowner, McCarthy's sad way of becoming Speaker of the House, Erik got an Oculus Quest 2, and season 2 of Your Honor is on its way.

Ep. 170 – Coconut Grass

The hosts discuss Dennis's knees hurt, Dennis fails a memory test, Trump is a loser, Erik has a foot fungus and an RSI injury, both hosts had job interviews, Elon bought Twitter for $44B, Dennis watched the Branson documentary, Let the Right One In, and Benjamin Button, and Erik describes how startup funding works.

Ep. 169 – Needle in the Neck

The hosts discuss several things before Erik started recording, Dennis's computer got hacked, Erik got fired and is interviewing for a new role, and yet he's still going to the Canary Islands, Dennis is expecting a third granddaughter, Erik gives Dennis a quiz on how Gen-Z speaks, and Dennis caught some beautiful fish.

Ep. 168 – Treachery Not in the Age of Electronics

The hosts discuss the new young democratic House leadership, it's cold in Mongolia and Alaska, both hosts used a drill this week, details about anchoring screws, Dennis had trouble getting his pipe cut, Erik's sofas are arriving soon, and his kid opened a bank account, Taiwan is in trouble, and Dolly Parton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ep. 167 – Window Pain

The hosts discuss the start of the World Cup, Dennis got a shingles shot, Erik went to London and had trouble with outdated money, attended a mismanaged tech conference, Erik made money gambling on the midterm election, and a guy Dennis knows, Danny Jones, was murdered in Detroit.

Ep. 166 – Independents' Day

The hosts discuss the US 2022 midterm election results, the red trickle, Tennessee bans slavery, Erik watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Nicolas Cage, Dennis is going fishing on the Muskegon River, Erik's television is fixed, projecting animations onto plates, and Ethan Hawke's words return to Dennis' mind.

Ep. 165 – Early Ankle Digestion

The hosts discuss Erik's still trying to get his TV fixed, Obama is funny again, Erik introduces Dennis to Key & Peele, Erik has been watching The Affair, a python swallowed a grandmother, viral video of a snake trying to eat its owner, Dennis went fishing, and dumped some brush, new homeowners need two lists to prioritize repairs, you gotta budget the porch, Jim Carrey's new book, Memoirs and Misinformation.

Ep. 164 – Dancing with the Fishes

The hosts discuss an SNL parody, Djesus Uncrossed, Sinéad O'Connor documentary, career, pillow fight with Prince, ripping up photo of the Pope on SNL, Dennis broke a fishing pole, Erik's cat is sick, and his new television is shit.

Ep. 163 – Scored Some Lunkers

The hosts discuss Dennis recovering from COVID-19, he scored some lunkers, can you waterboard a fish?, Dennis "turtled" to avoid hail in the river, The Affair, Erik attended an elegant Virgin Mary party, called Maritxu, his parents are visiting, and his father got sick and listened to the podcast, The Watcher on Netflix, Your Honor is renewed for a second season, Dennis played with Brett Falso, Dennis loses all his harmonicas, Erik took his wife to a conference, and Dennis trolled the audience when he was a speaker.

Ep. 162 – Not Worth a Bucket of Spit

The hosts discuss Erik's upcoming trip to Alicante, the state of his house renovations, Dennis's upcoming fishing trip, his new $441 shoes, the new Elvis movie, The Man From Toronto, and how Erik met the creator of CSS.

Ep. 161 – Life is good, albeit out of focus

The hosts discuss a TED talk by Ethan Hawke, House of the Dragon, finding meaning in Creativity, when your product is a process, homeschooling, Erik walked down a Roman road again, Succession won some Emmys, Erik is going to walk up a mountain as a pilgrimage to a Virgin, the Buffalo Bills defeat the Rams, and RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

Ep. 160 – Man To Your Right Shuffles

The hosts discuss Dennis spending time up on a ladder, and went to some concerts, and Erik went to three concerts in three nights.

Ep. 159 – The Hustle is Multidimensional

The hosts discuss the local Michigan music scene, the entrepreneur life, the agricultural revolution, more glazing details, whittling a Cedar splinter, Erik's son was in the hospital, and House of the Dragon is underwhelming.

Ep. 158 – The Beer is the Same; It's You That's Different

The hosts discuss glazing windows strategies, the end of Westworld and Better Call Saul, Erik's house painting is complete, YouTube shop porn, Trump is a Russian spy, and how beer is no longer beer anymore.

Ep. 157 – Sandy on the Way Home

The hosts discuss Erik's return to Spain, chose a sofa, Dennis went to the beach, The Man Who Fell To Earth, both the 2022 tv series and the 1976 film, Dennis is glazing his windows, the season finale of The Old Man, and Dennis is gonna paint a fence.

Ep. 156 – Peastone Cowboy

The hosts discuss Erik's vacation in America, Dennis' daughter's golf cart accident, Dennis' cabin vacation, Erik's family talent show, jungle bocce, beersbee, croquet, pooping in a bag, Erik went out on a boat, Dennis uses a ton of peastone, Erik's friend is attending The Open, and keep yo foot out the chicken bucket!

Ep. 155 – Whistlethon

The hosts discuss Erik moving out, the hosts challenge each other to a whistling contest, Dennis built a new tent for his wife's car, erected some lights, Erik's family is going to America, the season one finale of Time Traveler's Wife, the season three finale of Barry, an update on Dennis' backyard line painting.

Ep. 154 – Smirk to Irk

The hosts discuss being on Rodríguez, Erik's talk in Utah, George Carlin documentary, Barry, I Love That For You, Dennis paints his fence, watches paint dry, the January 6th hearings, Erik saw some castles and waterfalls and moved a bunch of furniture.

Ep. 153 – The Sustainable Choice

The hosts discuss Erik's trip to Salt Lake City, how big must a city block be, Dennis suggests way to scam hotel points, Erik heads to Atlanta and enjoys another conference there, with wings and open bars, where he learned of "smash burger" technology, some HBO shows, people abused by Marilyn Manson, and the new Top Gun.

Ep. 152 – Overwhelmed by the Joy

The hosts discuss Erik's trip to San Francisco, and conference experiences, all gender bathrooms, brand marketing, bars in San Francisco, and Erik's future travel plans to Salt Lake City and Atlanta.

Ep. 151 – 82º of Kevin Bacon

The hosts discuss how human emotions can be manipulated by chat bots, voice actors, dogwoods, and Dennis went fishing again, Erik is headed to San Francisco and watched The First Lady pilot, The Man Who Fell to Earth, and Barry.

Ep. 150 – I Had a Synapse

The hosts discuss Dennis' failed attempt to submit an grant application, Erik's Apple ID is locked, how the government uses (or doesn't use) data, the new Batman movie, Erik attended Spanish Easter processions an ate some pig ears, and his closet is still drying.

Ep. 149 – She was a good sport about it, and then we drove home

The hosts discuss Dennis' 1974 Mercedes convertible's health, Erik read "It's All Too Much", has a pipe leak in his closet, watched "The Tourist", Dennis saw "A Ghost Story", Obama returned to the White House to roast Joe Biden, the upcoming "The First Lady", "Whiplash", and Jim Carrey is retiring.

Ep. 148 – Two Legs Ain't No Picnic

The hosts discuss The Oscar Slap, Tammy Faye Baker movie, Bruce Willis retires, monkeys in Florida, Dennis went fishing and lost half of his fishing pole, the upcoming UNC vs. Duke Final Four game, and how Dennis went out to play music and they wouldn't let him.

Ep. 147 – Trout Jitsu

The hosts discuss how Dennis rode the rainbow, daylight savings time, Spain got covered in Saharan dust, Nicolas Cage's career, and Erik's memory of Footloose, how Dennis used to milk goats, Erik started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and saw Undone and the Adam Project, and Dennis got high on craic at an Irish St. Patty's party at his old house.

Ep. 146 – Down Where The Rats Ran

The hosts discuss Sam Elliot being a bigot, Erik went to visit his sister-in-law in Alloza, Deep Spain, Dennis found 50 year old letters, some from his father, Erik started watching Undone, Dennis watched Super Pumped, Jobs, Winning Time, and Dracula Untold, Erik went down into an old coal mine, and Belchite, a town destroyed in the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

Ep. 145 – A Family of Sweepers

The hosts discuss how Erik went to visit some ancient cave paintings, had lunch with some friends from Madrid, and then went for a hike on a Roman road, Dennis heard a horrible open mic guitar guy, sweeps his steps with a six foot broom, makes manure tea, deep throats asparagus, Erik's mailbox is a time machine, and he fondled baby rabbits.

Ep. 144 – Don't hesitate. Lubricate.

The hosts discuss Dennis' zipper tent lubrication, Erik bought a vest, the early episodes of the show, Erik saw a play, and a punching Michigan basketball coach.

Ep. 143 – Conjuring God

The hosts discuss their recent time together in Myrtle Beach, the Superbowl results, visiting Bluejacket Brewery in Washington D.C., dinner at The Roost, a full body massage, and ice fishing, and Chevy Chase "singing" You Can Call Me Al.

Ep. 142 – A Shiver of Sharks

The hosts discuss the deaths of Bob Saget and Louie Anderson, viral obituaries, surf fishing with sharks, how American and European football are flawed, preparations for the Talent Show, Dennis is packed for his trip and wants to move to Spain, and Erik has watched Cobra Kai.

Ep. 141 – The Young Puppy Saloon

The hosts discuss vodka in Russia, gin in Belgium, the Buffalo Bills game, 11/22/63, After Life on Netflix, Dennis' new truck cover, Ricky Gervais' Humanity, Block It Tape, and RIP Bob Saget.

Ep. 140 – The Fulcrum Rope

The hosts discuss Erik's daughter got COVID, what would happen if the US elections fail, Don't Look Up, Dennis repaired his tent garage with a large tarp, the tool of the day is the rope, and the upcoming talent show.

Ep. 139 – Give Peas a Chance

The hosts discuss the new year, Dennis' new tarp, the "Get Back" Beatles documentary, Erik went to the Canary Islands, the Soup of the Day, Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video, and Spain's second Christmas.

Ep. 138 – Surf the Ridge

The hosts discuss Dennis went fishing (again), single malt scotch, the history of parenting, merkins, the new Dexter series, and the Beatles "Get Back" documentary.

Ep. 137 – The Environmental Colossus

The hosts discuss Erik inflating his bicycle tires, and received a gift of Trappist Christmas beers, Erik's leaks are caused by broken roofing tiles, the season finale of Succession, and Erik regripped his golf clubs, and goes to pilates, Dennis built a wooden stand for his convertible hardtop, and kids and shoplifting.

Ep. 136 – Sun, Surf, Music, and Beer

The hosts discuss Dennis' birthday trip to Topsail, North Carolina, Dennis won $21k playing poker on the airplane, Erik's house is leaking in three places, Erik caught up on seasons 1 and 2 of Succession, and Erik showed his kids Stand By Me.

Ep. 135 – The Symphonic Ballet of Leaf Blowers

The hosts discuss blowing leaves into the street, the movie Rounders, Edward Norton's performance in Primal Fear, Tom Hanks in News of the World, Dennis wants to live in the Old West (Erik doesn't), Erik played golf on the beach, and Washington politics.

Ep. 134 – Born to be Tiled

The hosts discuss how Erik cleaned out his junk room and restrung his guitar, Dennis is planning a birthday party in Topsail, Erik shares an anecdote about Dos Equis, Dennis searches for an Amber beer, Erik got a new silent MacBook Pro, Ray Charles sung Eleanor Rigby, Dennis went fishing for steelhead trout, Erik is beach golfing this weekend, while his daughter has theater class, Erik saw The Guilty and Red Notice, and Dennis "trespissed".

Ep. 133 – Duck Blood Soup

The hosts discuss how Erik continued furniture shopping, the finale of American Rust, Dennis thinks The Night Of is Bill Camp's best work, Erik fought with HBO Max, Erik watched Casablanca, and Dennis' Polish sausage recipe.

Ep. 132 – Neighbor's Son's Unfallen Testicles

The hosts discuss how Dennis found some underpants in his snowblower, Erik went furniture shopping and hung some shelves on the wall, In the Heart of the Sea, American Rust, the Larry David Show, Erik showed his daughter The Sixth Sense, and Erik's daughter has started The Hunger Games books.

Ep. 131 – Charlene, the two legged donkey

The hosts discuss another trip for Dennis, bars named for injured animals, the end of Scenes from a Marriage, Squid Game, Allegheny State Park, and dice games.

Ep. 130 – Unspeakable Goo On Ice

The hosts discuss how everyone should carry kindling with them at all times, American Rust, Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Phil the Minion, Dennis' future fishing trip to the Muskegon River, and future ice fishing plans.

Ep. 129 – How Now, Brown Trout?

The hosts discuss The Lost Episode 128, a California whiskey Erik got from his work, and Dennis' fishing adventures with Cowboy and Timmy, Dennis has a bionic implant, and Erik neutered his cat.

Ep. 127 – Visiotherapist

The hosts discuss Erik's COVID-positive diagnosis, Dennis's feedback to Erik's conference talk, Billions, Erik failed his Eden homework, and the second episode of Scenes from a Marriage.

Ep. 126 – Wolves of Irrelevancy

The hosts discuss Erik's trip to Croatia, Dennis' fence (again), Erik's new office design, HBO miniseries Scenes from a Marriage, Catholic dogwhistles, marriage and relationship strategies, public speaking, and RIP Norm MacDonald.

Ep. 125 – Tex-Mex Messaging

The hosts discuss Erik's new office, varnishing floors, Hurricane Ida, The Legend of Bagger Vance, CODA, Laetitia, and the Galician coast.

Ep. 124 – Tinkering and Thinkering

The hosts discuss Dennis' South Korean hat, the HBO series, 100 Foot Wave, a mini-roof over a ladder, the mockumentary series, Documentary Now!, a Michigan blues festival, Carole King's Tapestry album, and Gangs of New York.

Ep. 123 – Dumpstergate

The hosts discuss how Dennis bartered some carpentry work, built a gate with a five-foot hinge, Erik's office is getting painted, the end of The End, Documentary Now, favorite time travel movies, and where would we travel in time.

Ep. 122 – If you're thirsty, don't drink Scotch

The hosts discuss Dennis' 50-year high school reunion, the tv series, The End, Sophie's Choice, Molly's Game, the Delta Variant, Governor Cuomo's resignation, a Netflix documentary about mushrooms, Fantastic Fungi, and Dennis' high school performance of Mack the Knife.

Ep. 121 – Dental Nipple Clips

The hosts discuss Dennis' 50th high school reunion, the movie Dunkirk, an Amazon Prime miniseries, Utopia, the Showtime show, The End, RIP Butchie, a woman with the largest mouth, and a disturbing video mocking celebrity Trump supporters.

Ep. 120 – The Quick and the Dead

The hosts discuss a Linda Ronstadt documentary, Interstellar, the Prime Video series, Solos, rainbow stories, the HBO docuseries, 100 Foot Wave, Free Solo, and the many movies titled The Quick and the Dead.

Ep. 119 – Let's Get Stinko

The hosts discuss gazpacho, reusing leftover fish to make bouillabaisse, the end of Mildred Pierce, Sophie's Choice, the 2012 Sci-Fi thriller, Prometheus, and how Dennis has been stealing flowers.

Ep. 118 – The Goldilocks of Office Life

The hosts discuss the sci-fi movie Moon, what if you could retry events in life with a time machine, the Many Worlds interpretation, billionaires in space, The Little Things (2021) [spoilers!], the Mildred Pierce 2011 miniseries, and office chairs.

Ep. 117 – Celestial, but also Practical and Useful

The hosts discuss Erik's summer vacation to Sevilla, visiting Roman ruins in Italica, Andalusian cuisine, a surprise stay at a luxury farmhouse, Sevillian love of Easter, whether sports should end in a tie, Erik's new desk, and Tom Brady's golf outing.

Ep. 116 – Two Fish with One Worm

The hosts discuss Dennis' fraternal drinking and fishing vacation, Erik lucked into his first COVID-19 vaccine shot, Jon Rahm wins the US Open, they review Witches of Eastwick (1987), Mark Twain Award acceptance speeches, the difference between American and British humor, lead balloons, and the Yardbirds.

Ep. 115 – Overwhelming Insidious Lack of Control

The hosts discuss the finale of Gösta, the difference between a bayou and a river, the amazingly bizarre pink-foam-filled movie, Kajillionaire, the man who almost got swallowed by a whale, and the woman with the longest eyelashes.

Ep. 114 – A Web of Spiders

The hosts discuss the oeuvre of Richard Jenkins, Erik's arm health, an update on Dennis' fence, Dennis played golf, Jon Rahm has COVID, Erik's son got bitten by a spider, and the tv show, Gösta.

Ep. 113 – He slapped him with a black snake

The hosts discuss the finale of Mare of Easttown, Erik hurt his arm from working too much, Erik's family got a cat, Dennis' fence is finally straight.

Ep. 112 – Elemeno, my dear Watson

The hosts discuss the penultimate episode of Mare of Easttown, Erik and Stephen King thinks we don't know who the murderer is yet, Erik's son is a politician, and Dennis has spread his pea stone.

Ep. 111 – Writ Large on the Tablets of Time

The hosts discuss Dennis' progress on his wooden fence, another thrilling episode of Mare of Easttown, Erik read the first half of Alaska, a local teen was murdered, an agricultural discovery, cool visualization of incarceration and billionaire's wealth via web page scrolling, the NYC mayoral election, the future of the GOP, and Elon Musk's SNL appearance.

Ep. 110 – Plan B Better Be Better

The hosts discuss Erik's daughter prepares for middle school, Dennis bought some lumber to build a fence, someone tried to scam Dennis over Zelle while selling his convertible, Erik got scammed on Amazon, the longest train ride in the world from Portugal to Vietnam, Mare of Easttown, and the epic novels, Alaska and Sarum.

Ep. 109 – Double Trunked Tree

The hosts discuss the movie Dune, how movies relate to their novels, a NY Times piece about the art in the Oval Office, Dennis peeled off his concrete slab, mermaids in China, a Irish Dating Game SNL skit, Andre Agassi learns Boris Becker's tongue tell, Dennis cut down some trees, and Erik has a new bespoke clothes line.

Ep. 108 – Time is a Sequence of Atoms...and Eves

The hosts discuss President Biden's first hundred days, how Erik was right about transporters and CGP Grey's career, Erik's animation debut, RIP Michael Collins and Prince Phillip, the Tiger Woods documentary and his accident recovery, Dennis rants about selling his sports car, and Erik bought a new TV.

Ep. 107 – Square Cavage

The hosts discuss Erik going on a hike with his kids, the end of The New Pope, Dennis's truck purchase fell through, but with a happy ending, the trouble with Star Trek transporters, and a 100-year-old blues song about the Spanish Flu.

Ep. 106 – Clack – Clack – Clack

The hosts discuss a fire on Erik's horizon, the full review of Beartown (spoilers!) and Society's tendancy to blame female victims of sexual violence, how SNL's Weekend Update is shit now, more on The New Pope, and Dennis celebrated Christmas 2020.

Ep. 105 – Dead Squirrel Brine

The hosts discuss why Erik should keep watching The New Pope, Dennis doesn't have his new truck yet, renovating houses within permit limits, what it would be like to have 20-foot fingernails, Tiger's status, robot deer to mess with deer sprinklers, the pilot of Beartown, and the Apple TV+ movie, Palmer.

Ep. 104 – Synoptic Truck Rest

The hosts discuss Erik's son getting a COVID test and an eye operation, a great steak and a philosophical day by the river, Dennis still doesn't have a truck, and his chair is too high, and Tiger Woods' dad's sexual escapades.

Ep. 103 – The Corner Cracked Off

The hosts discuss Dennis' concrete slab saga, they compose a poem about gophers, Dennis' stolen truck got painted black, found, totaled, is hunting for a new one, and the ending of The Young Pope.

Ep. 102 – The Epitome of Frivolity

The hosts discuss Erik and his electrician wiring up his house, our podcast stats in Finland, the fate of the Gibson Guitar Factory, most of the first season of The Young Pope, including the equivalence of sexual penetration and prayer, and Dennis gets his second dose of the COVID19 vaccine!

Ep. 101 – Swans Chasing Ducks Over Ice

The hosts discuss Dennis' truck got stolen, Dennis got a new office chair, Erik is planning to get one, there's a slab falling off Dennis' house, Erik watched White Fang and The Report, Bryson DeChambeau's crazy drive, and the Harry & Meghan interview.

Ep. 100 – You Can Love a Wolf

The hosts discuss the 1987 film, Moonstruck, Dennis wants to set up a sandwich stand, Biden's hawkish foreign policy, Dennis checks in live from the floor of CPAC, and The Onion's cutting satire.

Ep. 99 – Kidnap Baby Hitler

The hosts discuss the role of empathy in the presidency, being bitten by a bear whilst on the toilet, a Polish teen guitar sensation, HBO shows Beartown, The Young Pope, and Ministry of Time, Kalamazoo ranking No. 1, HAL 9000, and Tiger Woods' car accident.

Ep. 98 – Ninus Mine Degrees

The hosts discuss the meaning of "pony soldier", the season finale of Your Honor, the normalization of COVID terror, Biden's progress on Unity, whether or not to allow a listener on the show, and Dennis' bathroom misadventures.

Ep. 97 – The Integrity of the Toga

The hosts discuss the lifting of martial law in Spain, Dennis' bar hopping stories, Spanish swearing, the dissing of Your Honor continues, how to pronounce "poignant", and Dennis has a Super Bowl rant.

Ep. 96 – Say It Ain't So, Joe

The hosts discuss geothermal power in Iceland, the ignorance of the QAnon people, how Trump and Biden switched faces, hillbilly rants about politics, more disappointment from Your Honor, Trump's Presidential Library, the Snowpiercer tv show, and the Source Code movie.

Ep. 95 – A Magic Carpet Ride of Language and Subtlety

The hosts discuss the inauguration, Amanda Gorman's amazing poem, the rules of succession, Erik wrote a poem, Midnight Sky is scary awesome, Mike and Karen Pence are homeless, Trump told 30,573 lies in his presidency, and RIP to Dennis' mother-in-law, Elsie.

Ep. 94 – The Shiny Keys to the Press

The hosts discuss Trump's departure, Biden's entry, 82 stupid things Trump did, Trump's idiot savant social media expertise, and the upcoming demise of Erik's beard.

Ep. 93 – Impeach Cobbler

The hosts discuss the upcoming Inauguration of Joe Biden, Erik got a beard trim, Your Honor still has terrible writing, Erik wrote a song, Dennis wrote some lyrics, Erik doesn't like 30 Coins, and Dennis is reading The Son of the Circus.

Ep. 92 – Mule Hair

The hosts discuss the latest episode of Your Honor, 30 Monedas from Spanish HBO, the currently happening coup d'état, and Kings Day in Spain.

Ep. 91 – An Audience of One

The hosts discuss Dennis' negative COVID test, RIP Uncle Rafty, the Christmas morning Nashville bombing, will Pence certify the election, Death to 2020 on Netflix, John Prine's genius, and a review of the new Borat flick.

Ep. 90 – Spray it, Pack it, Rub it

The hosts discuss having to postpone Christmas because of COVID, how Ed Sheeran remains sane, Dennis is marinating and massaging his breasts, Erik's family is getting bicycles for Christmas, and the idea of martial law in the US.

Ep. 89 – Carnival Barker

The hosts discuss the cinematic masterpiece, Pleasantville, how one of the actors is in Billions, the Bee Gees have a new documentary, the Your Honor TV show, Erik predicts Trump's fate, and Dennis' son-in-law's talent.

Ep. 88 – Clip the Whisk

The hosts discuss a new role for Kellyanne Conway, Trump's pardoning spree, Dennis got a head massager, Erik saw Mank and was unimpressed, and the Traveling Wilburys documentary.

Ep. 87 – Broader Rugged Undulations

The hosts discuss Dennis buying roofing materials, Erik gets a new door, the horrible finale of The Undoing, Inauguration predictions, and Erik's Viking heritage.

Ep. 86 – Blue Czechs

The hosts discuss Trump's turkey pardon, Ed Norton's twitter rant, awkward middle school dancing trauma, Greg Norman's "club", The NeverEnding Story and The Undoing.

Ep. 85 – The Occasional Monkey

The hosts discuss how Dennis almost killed a guy in high school, the results of The Masters, another botched artwork in Spain, Sean Connery, and Chris Farley.

Ep. 84 – Lower Mower Stower

The hosts discuss the "results" of the 2020 election, how Trump plans a coup and/or exit into television, Dennis filled a well, Erik saw E.T. and The Queen's Gambit, and the longest ever beer run.

Ep. 83 – The Unknowing Knoller

The hosts discuss Trump's pea brain and testicular autophagy, the reverse shoulder replacement, Alan Watts' discussion of money, time, and ego, Dennis reorganizes his tools, Matt LeBlanc's most recent show, and Election 2020 predictions.

Ep. 82 – I hate polishing silver I stole

The hosts discuss a COVID case at Erik's kids' school, what could happen if Trump refuses to step down, farewell to Mimi's in New Orleans, the tv show Robbie, The Way Back with Ben Affleck, Roadkill with Hugh Laurie, and Titanic.

Ep. 81 – Culpable or Capable or Both

The hosts discuss the days before mobile phones, Rudy in the Borat movie, mystery woman at Presidential debate, how Steve Bannon made his money, Dexter is returning in 2021, Erik's apartment moral conundrum, Trump in Erie, PA, and the season finale of The Third Day.

Ep. 80 – Hold your hammer firmer than a cigar

The hosts discuss Dennis' shed progress, Erik had a birthday meal, how Trump hacked the financial system by just not caring, Dennis accidentally cooks some bugs, and Erik needs to borrow your drill.

Ep. 79 – Ferocity, Veracity, and Velocity

The hosts discuss POTUS with the COVID, the HBO series The Third Day, the Harris – Pence VIP debate, who the hell is still undecided, Song Exploder on Netflix, and both have surprises with their wives, RIP Eddie Van Halen, and Erik's grandmother's 96th birthday.

Ep. 78 – Slurping Soul Pasta

The hosts discuss news stories about speech generation algorithms, boiling spaghetti in children's tears, Robert Shaw in Jaws and The Sting, the best cinema heroes and villains of all time, The Comey Rule on Showtime, the Challenger documentary on Netflix.

Ep. 77 – Spotchly Leaf Shadow

The hosts discuss Dennis' continuing shed project, how to remove leaches, Wil Wheaton, Twitter's algorithmic racial bias, fake podcast voices, Trump's ties, British actors, Damian Lewis and Hugh Laurie, and RIP RBG.

Ep. 76 – Abscess Makes The Fart Go Honda

The hosts discuss Dennis' shed foundation, how crickets make music, Paul Simon's height, log rolling in Oregon, Walgreens vandalism, Kevin James' YouTube channel, Joaquin Phoenix's epic Letterman interview, Erik's viral tweet, and the Detroit Lions loss.

Ep. 75 – The Repititious Nature of the Narrative

The hosts debate how Trump relates to the Civil War, Dennis worked on his lean-to shed, COVID risk in schools, gender reveal parties, Homeland Season 3, and how television fiction causes Q-Anon conspiracy thinking.

Ep. 74 – Brian Saved My Sole

The hosts discuss John Cage's 4'33", seeing Joaquin Phoenix in Space Camp, a song about the Iowa governor, Dennis continues to watch Homeland, Forsaken, Scotch, Chadwick Boseman, and Warren Zevon's prescience of Death, Dennis is building a shed, and Erik is not sending his kids to school.

Ep. 73 – Big Shoes and Long Ties

The hosts a CBS poll of Trump followers, Latif Naser's Netflix show, Connected, the Jon Stewart movie, Irresistible, the new life in the PGA, Dennis' has exterminated the wasps, the Coastline Paradox, and how Dennis passed a ham bone.

Ep. 72 – Walleye Turducken

The hosts discuss how Dennis solved his wasp problem, and creates a method to ship fish around the country, Erik learns boxing and motorcycling, and the DNC is awkwardly awesome.

Ep. 71 – Quantification of a Qualitative Question

The hosts discuss Tom Hanks on Black Jeopardy, Captain Kangaroo, the rose colored glasses fallacy, how the world is simpler now, how good Manchester By The Sea is, how Dennis was run over by a motorcycle, and how Pence will pardon Trump.

Ep. 70 – Man, Dog, Wilderness, Camera, TV

The hosts discuss how Erik went on a hike, Dennis had a bloody mary, bovine digestion, the end of Trump's presidency, many movies from Sacha Baron Cohen to Liam Neeson, and Dennis' adventurous travels in Alaska.

Ep. 69 – Weapons of Mass Awesomeness

The hosts discuss Casey Affleck's brilliant acting, spontaneous combustion, Erik played unlucky golf, the Tom Hanks film, Greyhound, Trump's knuckleheadery, and Biden's creepy charm.

Ep. 68 – Spooler Alert

The hosts discuss the construction in front of Dennis' house, Dennis goes to the dry cleaners, Erik saw Hamilton, Dennis hasn't seen Black Mirror, and Erik went to the beach

Ep. 67 – Itsy Bitsy Web of Lies

The hosts discuss landscaping at Dennis' house, Erik got his computer back, the Time Traveler's Wife, Erik got some windows, and Dennis tells the story of a New Orleans music festival, the resuscitation of The Far Side, Bad Taxidermy.

Ep. 66 – Ding Dong Goes the Bell Curve

The hosts discuss COVID data, the Simpson's Paradox, Mitch Miller conducting children in the 50s, Erik's laptop almost exploded and burned his house down, migrating to The Cloud, Nina Simone's awesomeness, and Dennis sold a car.

Ep. 65 – The Duality of Holes

The hosts discuss Trump talking about a slippery ramp, a hilarious video mocking said speech, how Dennis fought a mouse and won, and why Evolution™ put our breathe hole and wine hole together.

Ep. 64 – In Defense of Da Fence

The hosts discuss the miniseries Band of Brothers, the tv show Supergirl, the Disney movie, Bolt, how to plant Barberry Rose Glow Bushes to defend your fence, passive aggressive COVID mask control, and vague memories from greatest concert of 1973.

Ep. 63 – I Breathe For George Floyd

The hosts storms in the USA, Damian Lewis' career, how gradients of a slope are measured, how Michael Jordan caught a big fish, what IQ really means, and the history of the police force.

Ep. 62 – I am an Elbow Bumper

The hosts discuss Obama's speech about the George Floyd protests, Trump's Bible photo-op, lip-syncing Trump, Killer Mike's moving speech, the tv shows Billions, I Know This Much Is True, and If I Hadn't Met You, and the Spanish movie, Campeones, and the general problems with the US cops.

Ep. 61 – The Modern Hoe

The hosts discuss Michigan yard maintenance, how video conferencing is making us all more self-conscious about our appearance, how social we are around power and shame, how Doordash is ruining things, and the true size of Spain.

Ep. 60 – Chernobyl of the Mouth

The hosts discuss how Trump is half of a centaur, the Michael Jordan documentary, using tech to talk to old people, the tentative return of sports, why it's important to wear a mask, and how trees communicate with each other.

Ep. 59 – The Mission Zone

The hosts discuss Michael Jordan's "Last Dance" documentary, Zach Galifianakis's "Between Two Ferns" movie, Michelle Obama's "Becoming" movie, the Election Profit Makers podcast, the miniseries "Chernobyl", and Sleepy Joe's VP potential picks.

Ep. 58 – The Depravity of Youth

The hosts discuss walking with our ancestors, Joni Mitchell's repertoire, with a special guest appearance by North Carolina Poet Laureate, Joseph Bathanti to tell an old story of a rowdy bachelor party in the 1970s, and how romance languages struggle with woke gender politics.

Ep. 57 – Stoking Chaos

The hosts discuss Erik's son's memory abilities, Dennis' unemployment journey, how Trump is an escape artist, Joe Biden's best VP pick, how insane all the COVID protesting is, and we finish with another rendition of the COVID musical classic, Six Feet Away.

Ep. 56 – Seven Out Of Seven

The hosts discuss the smell of dogwood flowers, how the Christian Right loves Trump, the Seven Deadly Sins, Atheism, the movie Gremlins, Erik's new mohawk quarantine haircut, Sudoku, and Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, and Charles Barkley commercials.

Ep. 55 – Psycho-phant

The hosts discuss Trump's handling of the COVID19 crisis, how data can be used to track COVID, what it's like to die from COVID, and why you should say goodbye in the hospital parking lot, Joe Biden's humanity, laugh tracks, and Denzel Washington movies.

Ep. 54 – If They Boxcar You...

The hosts discuss COVID19 nightmares, J.B. Smoove, the finale of The Outsider, the TV show True Blood, The Leftovers, and the fantastic 1998 Denzel Washington film, Fallen.

Ep. 53 – Think Inside The Box!

The hosts discuss the national leaders' response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the need to consider The Denominator, Dennis has an idea for a Coronavirus laser walking stick, Dennis bought a new toaster, Dolly Parton, Gerry Rafferty, Robin Williams documentary, and The Goonies.

Ep. 52 – My Better Three Quarters

The hosts discuss the impending COVID-19 pandemic, Trump's assumption that Google was building a site, the Spanish virus lockdown, the 1918 Spanish flu, 1996 John Travolta movies, the final Sanders v. Biden debate, flip-flopping, and the movie Cast Away.

Ep. 51 – Spidermonkeys Swinging In The Tree Of Doubt

The hosts discuss Forrest Gump, bizarre John Cage music, how trees and pigeons see the world, the Oscar winning movie, Green Book, how Bloomberg did NOT give every American a million dollars, and Joe Biden's inevitable yawn-tastic nomination for 2020.

Ep. 50 – There's no bear there

The hosts discuss jet lag from the antipode, how Americans are afraid of Corona Beer, Dennis's gumbo/jumbalaya skills, Erik bought a boomerang and got to see a koala, Ford vs. Ferrari, Lucy in the Sky, Burn After Reading, Hunters, and Joe Biden's rise in the primaries.

Ep. 49 – Reality as Seen Through The Lens of Time

The hosts record from different days on opposite sides of the Earth, discussing antipodes, the physics of traveling through the center of the Earth, Dennis' house got shot, cars in Europe and Australia, US Democratic Primaries, fashion industry faux pas, and Australian bars.

Ep. 48 – Bleeding in Paris

Erik's shin was bleeding when going through immigration in Paris, Dennis gets yelled at for being helpful on an airplane, Erik chose poorly for in-flight entertainment, Dennis wore women's underwear, the hosts discuss Dexter, IT, and the awesomeness that is Cynthia Erivo, and Erik is headed to Australia!

Ep. 47 – A Web of Deception and Ruin [LIVE]

The hosts discuss their golf vacation, Apple live photos, compiling photos into a movie, either with iMovie, Google Photos, or morphing software, a recently Google Maps hack, the Democratic primary race, absentee voting from abroad, and Texas Hold 'Em poker strategy.

Ep. 46 – Look at the road, Jack!

The hosts discuss Mel Brooks' legacy, a Monty Python documentary series on Netflix, the clusterfuck that was the 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus.

Ep. 45 – Infinite Entanglement With Other Souls

The hosts mourn the death of Terry Jones, the new HBO show, The Outsider, Russian dashcam footage of the 2013 meteor, how the universe connects us all, Mexican puppets, India Pale Ale, and Kurt Vonnegut.

Ep. 44 – Lift and Squirt

The hosts discuss weather-prohibiting funeral attendance, personally embarrassing mud and scatological experiences, Netflix viewer measuring tactics, and high tech car windshield replacement.

Ep. 43 – Oak Notes Are Like Velvet, Soft and Chic

The hosts discuss Scandinavian Christmas beers, Geico ads involving Pinocchio and woodchucks, the Dead Parrot Sketch, expensive Macallan whisky, a Spanish liqueur, and the British Royal Family.

Ep. 42 – Missouri Loves Company

The hosts discuss Spanish Christmas and New Year's traditions, international time, the meaning of life, the universe and everything, the statehood of Missouri, YouTube Copyright AI, Elon Musk, Misery, David Bowie, Ricky Gervais, young Jon Voight, and Delta Airlines.

Ep. 41 – I once had a wife named Ginger...

The hosts discuss hanging guitars on the wall, Dennis' basement quads, a new style of "lowest spade" poker, Better Call Saul, The Patriarchy, The Addams Family, jumping ramps on bicycles as kids, and the logistics of fly fishing.

Ep. 40 – Yes We Leprechaun!

The hosts discuss the finale of Watchmen, the movie Bombshell, how great and flaky Bill Murray is, and the end of the Star Wars Nonology.

Ep. 39 – It should've gone without saying

The hosts discuss how memories are used in sci-fi, the tv show Servant, Dennis' snowman pooper, the bizarre Catalonian tradition of the *caganer*, Jack White and Jack Black, and the Mandela Effect.

Ep. 38 – Sicilians, you're breaking my heart

The hosts discuss suspenders, dressing up as Santa, the Irishman, Watchmen, HD motion interpolation (a.k.a. the "soap opera effect"), and flying cars.

Ep. 37 – Curly Fried Tubers

The hosts review Biden's finger biting personality, Kurt Russell's Santa, sports mashups, how to make the perfect french fry, and how Zach Galifianakis differs from Tom Green and Ali G.

Ep. 36 – Turducken of Unknown Knowledge

The hosts discuss Facebook creepiness, how Twitter works, Erik received a prank plumbing call, Dennis likes The Circus on Showtime, Erik likes The Morning Show on Apple TV+, and Erik bought a Fender Telecaster.

Ep. 35 – Copper Cooper Cobbler Co-op

The hosts invent the Beercicle™, Erik showed his kids the movie Grease, which is raunchy as hell, Dennis doesn't know baby animal names, Erik's going Down Under, and there are many Clown Phenomena.

Ep. 34 – Brooklyn Platonic Association of Podcasters

The hosts discuss Watchmen, Red and Blue shows, Zeno's Impeachment Paradox, Buttigieg's dance craze, and Trump's impeachment hearings and huge handwritten notes.

Ep. 33 – There may be a chuckle in here somewhere

The hosts discuss the transience of the human self, the impeachment hearings, shopping with their wives, Dennis' temporary garage, and political movies: Vice, W, Game Change, and All the President's Men.

Ep. 32 – Pinball Machine of Common Sense

The hosts discuss Joker, Watchmen, Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman, Penn & Teller, Success Documentaries, Correlation vs. Causation, traffic accidents, and billionaire politics.

Ep. 31 – Jovian Ring Cave

The hosts discuss Dana Carvey's old tv show, how the future of video media will largely be fake, the meaning of the Universe, what's up with Modern Art, and how great Rowan Atkinson is, and how to pronounce Buttigieg.

Ep. 30 – I put a spell on you

Erik traveled to the faraway land of Taiwan and ate some disgusting food, Dennis sang "I put a spell on you", thinks you can kill a deer with just a knife, and both appreciate Robin Hood and John Candy.

Ep. 29 - Spooktacular: Authenticate Your Potential to be a Mannequin

Dennis was terrified in a haunted house, tells stories about working at haunted houses, and Erik reads a fantastically scathing description of Trump.

Ep. 28 - What is your Clown King doing now?

The hosts saw some movies, discuss pig latin, how annoyed bats are with each other, the New Orleans live music scene, the ouvre of Mike Judge, and how awesome Phoebe Waller-Bridge is.

Ep. 27 - Cowboy Caught The Same Fish Twice

Dennis went fly fishing with his brothers and friends, and Erik went to France, and now appreciates scotch whisky, and French airport security.

Ep. 26 - What do you want to be plumb with?

Dennis can't get anything perfect, Erik went to the beach and saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Tarantino's latest Oscar-bound flick.

Ep. 25 - The Defenestrated Fire Engine

Erik doesn't like missing mind-reading spiders, Dennis has a bleachy bathroom, Mr. Wizard is a dick, Dennis did experiments with frogs and snakes as a kid, Erik reveals where he met his wife, how his son defenestrated a fire engine, and Dennis discusses how he was almost murdered.

Ep. 24 - Shoeing a Bald Nun

Dennis assaulted a nun with a wingtip in high school, autodefenestration, Trump fat-shames a supporter, Dennis the Chick meets a gruesome end, follow-up on the death of Erik the Chipmunk, \#MeToo, and the Joker movies.

Ep. 23 - Master of Creative Darkness

Dennis composes a country ballad, the hosts discuss some great 2019 movies, The Irishman, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Dennis is still terrified of bats, as is Erik of mosquitos and spiders, and quicksand is the worst!

Ep. 22 - Purple Chipmunk Proboscis

Dennis has bats, tells a gruesome story of a chipmunk's purple death, Erik likes a good scurry in the morning, and they talk about movies with Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, and the directorial genius of Wes Anderson and David Fincher.

Ep. 21 - Quixotic Amber Camel

The hosts talk about singing with perfect pitch, stumble into misremembering some classic artists, tilt at the pronunciation of Don Quixote, discuss how language evolves and the similarities between Deadwood and Dawson's Creek.

Ep. 20 - We're Big in Uruguay

The hosts talk about ant karma, Bohemian Rhapsody, Abbey Road, the video for Penny Lane, what a dick Trump is, how scary DeepFake videos are, and our huge success in Uruguay.

Ep. 19 - My Spooky Little Skull

The hosts talk about hairy nipples, flying ants, the TV show, Barry, Dennis confesses to Frank Sinatra Jr.'s kidnapping and builds a door, discovering Lizzo, and Irish pubs and craic.

Ep. 18 - Irish Warrior Whispers

The hosts review the unsettling cinematic masterpiece, Biutiful, Erik discusses his deepest fears and why his family abandoned him, and Dennis reveals the true story of his past lives.

Ep. 17 - Pesto Chango!

Erik hopped back over the pond, albeit with delays, both hosts are big fans of Javier Bardem and Michael Douglas, and the Mueller Testimony felt like Idiocracy.

Ep. 16 - 10 Quintillion White Horned Devils

Dennis has termites and bad customer service at Lowe's, Erik threw his kids out of a tree and probably killed a beautiful bluebird, a plan for solving World Hunger is hatched, Erik is livid about a McDonalds ad, and hilarious statues of the Trumps.

Ep. 15 - Maximus Maverick Bovinus

Erik's cat brought him a snake, Dennis is getting stucco work done, Erik doesn't run with the bulls, but was born semi-bovine, the history of England is discussed, and go US Women's Soccer Team!

Ep. 14 - I wanna spit on you and eat your face

Dennis gets bad customer service, both buying beer and paint, money-making schemes involving inflatable house flies, a review of Big Little Lies, when Forrest Gump met Nixon, and the phenomenon of Bad Lip Reading.

Ep. 13 - Can you ship a sedated wolverine?

Both hosts play golf, only one with a frog, shipping live animals is considered, Dennis made some special-sand concrete, Erik's wife dissected a mole, and do zombies poop?

Ep. 12 - The Most Appealing Part of Your Impediment

Guest appearance by mutual friend, Dr. Pud, Dennis played golf (and well!), Erik's daughter took First Communion, JFK was inspiring, the Wild West was wild, and Erik's washing machine broke

Ep. 11 - Work the Body, Grow the Mind

Dennis was a naughty Catholic schoolboy, Monkeys are polytheists, Homework sucks, Jimmy Carter and bowler hats were awesome, and we should all play children's games

Ep. 10 - Blessed with the oil of a thousand Popes

Dennis moved houses, Erik watched The Karate Kid with his kids, Dennis lost his phone, Erik got passports for his family, and Trump is still a fool.

Ep. 9 - Enough With The Monkey Stories!

Erik doesn't know how to book a vacation, Trump cheats at golf, Dennis went to a convict rodeo, and Erik played golf on the beach.

Ep. 8 - Hokey, Pokey, Spooky

Erik goes to a Basque cider house, Dennis' brother had a farm – ee i ee i o, international animal sounds, and what it's really all about, the hokey pokey, but then things devolve into making percussive sounds with their bodies.

Ep. 7 - Harvesting French monkey tears

Erik goes to Disneyland Paris, selling children's tears is the Next Big Thing™, French bathrooms are weird, as are black holes.

Ep. 6 - A hundred percent salmon all of the way

Our hosts contemplate the meaningless of our existence, space travel cognitive shifts, festivals in New Orleans, what it means to be rich, Game of Thrones, and gangly monkeys.

Ep. 5 - I am Lamp Man

Dennis plays live music in New Orleans in this Halloween-themed podcast in April discussing mermaids and the New Orleans night life.

Ep. 4 - The days are long and the years are short

On this musical episode, our hosts discuss Sex Ed, anal robots, twin studies, parenting time, NCAA prognostication, and the cure for the common cold.

Ep. 3 - My job is to get a man on the moon

Erik takes his kids to a Warner Bros theme park, Erik has a classmate in space, and of course the Beatles and Monty Python enter the discussion.

Ep. 2 - That's not my arm!

Dennis nearly loses a hand, while Erik went to IKEA and watched the Tom Hanks classic "Big".

Ep. 1 - A Room Full of Spider Monkeys

Our hosts discuss religious art, Monty Python, Jesus' comedian twin brother, and mothers-in-law.